Christine James-Stern: Your Healing Facilitator

Gardener of Humanity


As a conduit for Divine messages, I am the Gardener of Life who tends the soil of creation, planting the perfect “Seeds of Wisdom, Love and Truth” within the foundation of the Souls and consciousness of humanity.  It is part of my life’s purpose to help you grow with these empowerment tools and seeds, allowing them to germinate and blossom beautifully in their own season and unique way.  I am here to assist and guide, but not to rescue or interfere with your Freedom of Choice.  I am not here to change you because I know in Truth there is nothing wrong with you.  Your journey is perfect in discovering and knowing what you came here to learn and master.   My goal is to teach you in your readiness how to use your innate power to declare yourself a master and change your story so you can embrace, integrate and evolve to a new level of growth.  One fulfilled with whatever your heart truly desires most and in that moment.   

Transformational Healer and Authentic Teacher: Intuitive, Gifted and Skilled


As a natural intuitive, empath, medium, and open channeler for Divine messages, Christine had to learn and discover the many things about herself even from a young age.  Not always easy, but eventually always rewarding, Christine has explored the many paths and aspects of herself along her quest to unite and realign with her true center or Spirit. This has allowed her great opportunities to gain Universal wisdom and compassion along the way, especially after undertaking and navigating through many of life’s adversities.

Christine loves to learn and knows that everyone has their own Truth.  However, it is to be honored and respected by their owner, too.  She is dedicated in empowering others to find and work with their Truth through the beautiful synergy of massage therapy, energy healing and life coaching.  Christine has many tools in her always expanding toolbox and looks for fun, creative and effective ways to use and share them.

Christine obtained the following credentials relating to massage therapy, energy healing & wellness:

  • Oregon LMT #20638 
  • BCTMB (Board Certified) over 11 years
  • Reiki Master Practitioner and Energy Healer
  • CLC (Certified Wisdom of Life Coach)
  • Blue Sky School of Massage Graduate (over 826 hours in Medical Track series)
  • Ama Deus Method of Natural Healing 
  • Shamanic Pathway (Journey to the Heart)
  • Over 2000 hours of training and CEUs
  • Over 11 years of experience

“Mastering Wellness into Oneness”


Touch is essential in finding our true center.  It is not only physical, but also energetic because it is the catalyst to create transformational change. This starts with being in touch and aware of what is needed to be shifted to return back to into harmony and balance on many levels. These levels are physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic, vibrational, and even subatomic and multidimensional. 

We are Spiritual Beings having a physical experience and in our core essence we are perfect, whole and complete.  However, in our human experience we simply forget this and create conditions and limitations for ourselves in our beliefs, attitudes and coping skills.  As a result we may discover that there are less evolved parts of ourselves, requiring to be gently healed and restored along the way.  These are just a few of the veils of illusion and energetic imprints, needing to be removed and rewritten.  All from the core essence of The Truth of You and The Power of Unconditional Love.  

For those who are dedicated to make this life changing shift in your  personal growth and understanding through massage therapy, energy healing and life coaching, I invite you to schedule your appointment with me today.  Leave feeling refreshed, inspired and renewed on all levels.  Grow, unfold and bloom from the Light of your Soul.  


“Christine is THE BEST;) she is truly an Angel! And I am SO GRATEFUL for all that she puts in to every massage! I feel like a new person EVERY time I come!! WOW!! So grateful!!” - Jessica B


“Mastering Wellness into Oneness”

Providing a customized and synergetic blend of massage therapy, energy healing and life coaching treatments in Clackamas and Happy Valley, OR 


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