Monthly Special

Cold & Flu Season? Face it Head-On with a Lymphatic Massage!

Schedule a Lymphatic Massage and boost your immune system. Get $10 Off (1) 60 Min. Session During October & November.  Lymphatic Massage Special cannot be used with other specials, promotions or discounts.

Why Lymphatic Massage?

As the change of season approaches us, we may find that our bodies are having a challenging time adapting to the colder weather. We can become prone to colds, sinus and allergy conditions as well as feeling sluggish and fatigued. A Lymphatic Massage can boost your immune system to stimulate the production of lymphocytes which help fight the body from invasion.

Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

  • Stimulates the immunity responses to help ward of sickness
  • Reduces water retention & swelling
  • Improves lymph circulation & metabolic rate
  • Increases the removal of cellular waste & transport of dietary lipids
  • Helpful with any kind of inflammation, chronic fatigue, or sinus conditions/congestion