About Your Practitioner

Christine James-Stern

Committed to facilitating healing, inspiring and empowering others, Christine obtained the following several credentials relating to massage therapy, energy healing & wellness:

  • Oregon LMT #20638 
  • BCTMB (Board Certified)
  • Reiki Master Practitioner 
  • CLC (Certified Wisdom of Life Coach)
  • Blue Sky School of Massage Graduate (over 826 hours in Medical Track series)
  • Ama Deus Method of Natural Healing 
  • Shamanic Pathway (Journey to the Heart)
  • Over 1185 hours of training and CEUs
  • Over 10 years of experience

Intuitive, Gifted and Skilled:

A natural intuitive empath, Christine had to learn and discover the many things about herself. Not always easy, but eventually always rewarding, Christine has explored many paths along her quest to unite and realign with her true center or Spirit. This has allowed her great opportunities to gain wisdom along the way.

Christine loves to learn and knows that everyone has their own truth.  However, this truth is to be honored and accepted by their owner, too. She is dedicated in empowering others to find and work with their truth through the beautiful synergy of massage therapy, energy healing and life coaching. Christine has many tools in her always expanding toolbox and looks for creative, efficient and effective ways to use them.

An Essential Touch

Touch is essential in finding our true center. It is not only physical, but also energetic because it is the catalyst to create transformational change. This starts with being in touch and aware of what is needed to be shifted to return back to into harmony and balance on many levels. 

It is also essential to be in touch with our Spirit in order to master our wellness into oneness.  For those who are dedicated to make this shift in their growth and understanding through massage therapy, energy healing and life coaching, I invite you to schedule your appointment with me today. Leave feeling refreshed, inspired and renewed. 


  • "Kristine is clearly the best I have ever experienced. I would and do recommend her to everyone who will listen. I look forward to my sessions with her. Thanx." - Doug F

  • Christine is AMAZING!!!! She knows just what to do make it relaxing and still get the job done." - Denise 

  • Christine is THE BEST;) she is truly an Angel! And I am SO GRATEFUL for all that she puts in to every massage! I feel like a new person EVERY time I come!! WOW!! So grateful!! - Jessica B